Artist Statement


        Immersed in an era of swiftly changing technology, I forge the integration between traditional and artificial mediums in order to challenge the ways we interact with technology and investigate how those interactions alter the human experience. By mechanizing static mediums with sensors, motors, relays, microprocessors, and cameras, unconventional interactions emerge. As the viewer traverses through each artwork, their experiences are being mediated through technology in obvious or subtle ways. For instance, the circuit board is a small and delicate, generally overlooked object that silently rules our digital worlds. Through the use of a camera and projector, the chip is enlarged and exposed with all its beauty in juxtaposition with its technology. The difference between non-computational and computational technologies is that the latter transforms society at an unprecedented and uncontrollable rate, mediating our daily lives. All human inventions come with unintended ramifications, but how can we negotiate between their actual function and the idealistic goals they promise? Without critical assessment of how technology is designed and how it influences us, we will be at the whim of the marketer’s faults.